Regardless if you are new to your CPA firm or if you have been a client for years, the following list can assist you in providing a complete set of documents to your CPA. Providing these documents, can help your CPA ask the right questions and possibly avoid spending needless time in the preparation of your tax return.

  • Prior Year Tax Return (New Clients)
  • Full names of all family members, that match the records of the Social Security Administration
  • Social Security numbers for all family members
  • Dates of birth for all family members
  • Bank information (accounting and routing number) for direct deposit or withdrawal of funds
  • All Government Documents (this list is not all inclusive, but is provided to give you examples)
    • W-2 from your employer
    • Bank interest statements from all banks that hold accounts for you
    • Dividend statements from corporations in which you own stock
    • Brokerage statements for all retirement and investment accounts.
    • 1099 forms
    • Social Security Statement
    • Form K-1’s for Partners, LLC members, and S-Corp Owners
    • Summarizedschedules of income and expense for your:
      • Self employed business
      • Farm
      • Rental Property
        • Don’t forget to list new asset purchases and improvements
    • For Itemized deduction filers
      • Summarized medical expenses
      • Sales tax paid on major purchases (car, boat, home improvement)
      • Property tax records (pertaining to taxes paid)
      • 1098 mortgage interest statements
      • Summarized charitable contributions
      • Summarized unreimbursed employee business expenses
      • Pertaining to the sale of property the amount paid for the property and the date of purchase.

Most importantly bring your questions, concerns, and knowledge of your tax situation. Remember no one knows your tax situation better than you do. Feel free to ask how your CPA can apply their professional experience to maximize your tax savings.

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